Sell Your Belongings Online with These Apps (Part I)

What do you plan to do with all the unnecessary things you find during spring cleaning?

If you’ve concluded your spring cleaning with a room full of not-needed items that are too good to toss away, a garage sale may be on your list of things you should be doing. 

But hey it’s summer. You have way better ways to spend your time than sitting outside all day with cardboard signs going back and forth over a couple of coins for your old stuff. Here’s how to have a virtual garage sale via simple smartphone apps.


VarageSale makes the way of getting your things in front of neighborhood buyers very easy. You use the free app, or the VarageSale website, to produce a shortlisting for everything you’re trying to get rid of. A short description, quick photo, and your asking price are all that is required. You can be on a real listing spree in just a couple of minutes. 

It’s great for listing a lot of items one after another, so if you have a big garage stacked with goodies to unload, this is your top choice. What’s really amazing about VarageSale is you (and everyone else) can log in with Facebook, meaning everyone has a real name and a face to go along with it, so no weirdos will flood your inbox.

OfferUp, Shpock

If you’re really pressed for time and just need to get rid of a couple of things, there are apps for that as well. OfferUp posts listings quickly (around 30 seconds). It as an image-heavy browsing style that allows your vibrant-looking photos to do the selling for you, as well as private messaging and reputation ratings to weed out spammers and scammers.

Shpock (iOS/Android) works in a precise way but advertises itself as being for “beautiful” items. Therefore, if you’re selling something that you think deserves some real special consideration, such as some costly electronics or a stylish antique bike, it’s a good bet a visitor on Shpock will be interested.


How to Get Sponsored as a Vlogger (Part III)

As anxious as you might feel, reaching out to companies land you where you want to be. 

Reaching Out to Companies

The most vital part of getting a sponsor is reaching out to companies that you desire to work with and inquire about whether or not they are willing to sponsor you now or in the future. This is nerve-wracking and is where a great many vloggers make huge, huge mistakes.

Remember, you have to take your time during this step. If you are fretting about the wording in your emails, have another individual proofread them for you so you can be sure of their content and clarity.

Never send an email asking a business to sponsor you. This is a sure way to get ignored and most business just won’t open or read these emails. If you do this, you are wasting time, yours and the companies. Instead of sending an email, you must take the time to write a real proposal about a possible sponsorship.

Your Proposal

In your proposal, you have to make sure that you discuss why the business should sponsor you, what profits they will enjoy, and how you will aid them in making more money. Always remember and it is really important not to forget that you are going to them for help. So, your proposal has to be about what you can do for them and their bottom line, not how they should and can help you.

Be sure that you never ask or request a company gives you a free product so that you can review it. This comes across as you are desiring a free product from them and then doing them a little favor. 

You need to be transparent in your proposal that you will be working for them, not the other way around. Also, be really transparent about the advantages that they’ll enjoy if the company sponsors you.


Best Online Jobs for College Students

Pet sitting is a great job for college students.

If you are a college student searching for online jobs, then today’s post is truly for you. College means fun, learning, friends, looking forward to your future career. But it also means plenty of financial burdens.

The most crucial factor that plays a huge part when searching for online jobs as a student is money and flexibility.

Below is a listing of some very real online/offline jobs and flexible side jobs that you can do in your own time. All in all, these are some of the top jobs for college students.

Some of these pay just extra income, and some pay really well, so pick them based on our needs.

Simple online jobs for college students:

  1. Review calls
    2. Wonder researcher
    3. Rideshare driver
    4. Pet Sitter
    5. Listen to Music
    6. Chat Agent
    7. Virtual Assistant
    8. Survey taker

Online Jobs Offer Fast Extra Income

Need fast cash to pay those student bills? There are a number of ways to get fast bucks in no time. You can do these little money earners along with your online jobs, and they have the possibility to bring you a huge boost to your student savings.


Postmates is a business that is very popular with side hustlers and pays excellently. After signing up online and background checks, you can begin delivering food in your preferred area. The pay is up to $25 as per their website.


Did you realize that most students desire food delivery gigs? This is because it is flexible and there is little customer interaction and it is flexible. 

With UberEats you get money per delivery, so the more deliveries you make, the more money you earn. You can use a scooter, car, or bike to deliver. There is a background check when you sign up. 

Sell Your Belongings Online with These Apps (Part II)

Facebook has become a super useful tool to sell your unwanted stuff.

Facebook, Nextdoor

These apps are excellent for go-tos for moving used items quickly. Though, if you really don’t want to deal with any new apps, you’re in luck! Facebook is filled with pages complete with local folks selling and buying. 

Go to Facebook, either on your web browser or phone app, and in the search box, just type the name of your city with the words “sell and buy.” In reality, even the tiniest towns have a yard sale page on Facebook, so the top listing in the search results is what will serve as your go-to. Nextdoor is an easy way to show your community what you’re selling.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that your little township has missed out on the Facebook train. No worries! In that case, Craigslist is the old go-to that still makes results, even if the site looks like it is from 1990. Make a fast listing, put in a pic, and ask for just email contacts. Putting your phone number on a website is never a good idea.

Regardless of which site, app, or virtual marketplace you decide to use, the guidelines for exchanging your stuff for cash are constantly the same: Always make sure that you have your meeting in a public place, for safety, and don’t ever accept a check.  

Experienced local sellers will let you know that the parking lot of the neighborhood police station is a good spot to make a sale. No one in their right mind is going to attempt to swindle you with law enforcement right there. If you don’t want to be messing around with paper money, an app like Square Cash takes payments directly, with an additional layer of security and peace of mind for you.

How to Get Sponsored as a Vlogger (Part IV)

Keep your viewers in the loop. 

To begin making the money that you’ve always dreamed of, be sure that you adhere to these steps. This will make it way easier to get a sponsor for your vlogs, letting you finally make an income from doing a thing that you love.

Be Sure You let Your Viewers Know

Once you obtain a sponsor, it is normal to be really excited, but you have to make sure that you do one thing when posting videos so that you can be compliant with the law. All you need to do is let your viewers know early in the video that your video is made for a specific sponsor.

It’s amazingly simple to do this, but it’s also very important, as failing to do so is illegal and you can end up having a huge number of legal issues all because you didn’t tell of your relationship with a sponsor. 

Honestly, most of your viewers could care less if you have a sponsor for your video. While they will listen to what you are saying and might be inclined to shop with the sponsor somewhere down the line, you talking about your video being sponsored won’t cause them to turn away from your video.

Remember, all you need to do is tell that your video is sponsored. This only takes a couple of seconds. As long as you limit the time that you are speaking about a sponsor, most viewers don’t mind. 

Keep it simple, short, and to the point. This way, you’re able to enjoy a happy and long relationship with your sponsor. Be very sure that you don’t talk too much that you turn off your viewers, but do give the business a fair share of recognition and time.


Crafts for Children to Sell


If you’re looking for crafts for kids to sell, odds are you got some crafty hands and love to make extra money from the comfort of your house. These simple crafts to make and sell for profit are good for kids and teens to make to get some extra pocket money.

You can sell these crafts at places like flea markets, your local craft fair, garage sales or online on Etsy.

These crafts are really easy to make and will be sure to sell out quick.

Your kids will love making these bracelets as much as they do selling them.

Trendy Seed Bead Bracelets

Tiny seed bead bracelets are cute, and you can make them in just a couple minutes. All you have to do is add some little beads onto jewelry nylon. They look fabulous and can be sold for a good profit, considering how inexpensive all the supplies is to purchase.

Kate Spade Inspired Key Fobs

Colorful and bright, similar to the famous Kate Spade bags. This project is more appropriate for older kids since it necessitates the use of a sewing machine. Or, you could ask your parents to help you work the machine.

DIY Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish

All you need for these pretty, marbled mugs is some nail polish, mugs, and water. These couldn’t be any simpler to make.

DIY Lush Inspired Bath Bombs

Everyone loves Lush bath bombs, but they are just way too pricey. You can make these simple bath bombs with items you have around your house, put 4-5 of them in a fabric bag or glass jar and sell them for a profit at a craft fair.

DIY Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet Coasters

How truly adorable are mini pallet coasters! Decorate them any way you want with your pick of washi tape or paint and see how these will sell out quickly. This is one of the most favored crafts for children to sell since it’s such a unique idea and looks incredible.


How to Get Sponsored as a Vlogger (Part II)

Knowing your audience is important.

Know Who Your Audience is

While it’s completely okay for vloggers to begin looking for someone to sponsor their videos immediately, this is not the top way to get a sponsor and can result in being very frustrating when you keep getting turned away by big companies. 

The top thing that you can do is use some time finding out about the folks who are watching your videos. It is likely that you will attract viewers from every walk of life, as well as from around the globe. Though, it is way more likely that you will have a specific demographic of folks who are interested in your videos and are viewing them on a frequent basis.

By being attentive to the demographics of your viewers, you will be way better to look for a possible sponsor. There are a couple of things that you have to consider when you are reviewing the demographics of your viewers and the folks who have subscribed to your YouTube channel. You have to consider their age, sex, and interests. Typically speaking, sponsors are wanting to partner with a vlogger who will be capable of presenting their product to their preferred demographic.

While this doesn’t mean that you won’t be an excellent fit for a vast range of products, it does mean that by knowing what your viewers are appealed to, you will be able to seek out sponsors who are interested in marketing to and selling to a similar group of people. It’s vital to note that the better a fit that a possible sponsor is with your viewers, the better your opportunity of getting their sponsorship and also keeping it in the future.

A good example of audience demographics and how it can sometimes seem off is LinusTechTips. No one is surprised if he is sponsored by a manufacturer of keyboards, as he is a tech channel. Though, he also has a clothing business and a coffee bean business. So even if there aren’t a lot of products for your interest, the demographic might still be solid for other companies.

How to Get Sponsored as a Vlogger (Part I)

Keep an eye out for the number of subscribers you have. 

One thing that most vloggers desire to know when they first begin vlogging is how they can make money from their new hobby. While it is completely possible to monetize as a vlogger, you do have to get sponsored before you will see a steady income.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Get a Sponsor?

Many folks focus on the number of subscribers their vlog has. While this can be a vital measurement of how well-liked your vlog is, this is not the only metric that businesses will use when they are seeking to sponsor a vlogger. It’s way better to pay attention to the amount of views that your videos get on a frequent basis.

While you can have plenty of subscribers without them really viewing all your videos, it’s also conceivable to have a lot of views from folks who aren’t subscribers. Since companies want their items to be in front of as many folks as possible, they tend to be way more interested in the number of views you have.

It is not unheard of for vloggers to only have 99 subscribers, but since they have millions of views, they are able to obtain a sponsorship from a company. While it is very critical to pay attention to the number of subscribers that you have, it’s just as crucial, and possibly even more so, to take into consideration the number of views that your videos are receiving.

Another factor that will come into play when you’re trying to get a sponsor is what niche you are in. General vloggers who speak about their lives will want to have more views than a vlogger who is talking about a more specific subject. 

For instance, vloggers who talk about Japanese culture might not have a huge number of views or be able to get as many folks as a general lifestyle vlogger. But, since they have a particular set group of folks who are watching their videos, they might not need as many subscribers or views to get a sponsor.

How to Make Money Online – Seniors and Retirees (Part III)

Setting up a website is a great start for generating income online. 

Create a Website to Get Your Business Going

Once you create a website, there are many ways to make money. In reality, all online entrepreneurs must have a website to promote and grow their brand. Regardless if you have a blog within a website, an online virtual store, or just a website with a portfolio of your work, in order to make money online, you must have a website. 

Your personal website can be the basis for your online selling business. Luckily, it’s affordable and simple to set up your own website. 

Or you can go online and hire an individual to set up a website for you. It doesn’t matter how you proceed, look around and save the online addresses of sites that you enjoy. That way you’ll have a vision for your own site. 

Sell Affiliate Products on Your Own Website

You can partake in affiliate programs where you sell other people’s products and retain a percentage of the sales price.

Here are some programs for selling affiliate products on your website:

Amazon Associates 

You can sell what you want from Amazon with your own affiliate sign uplink. Even if someone visits Amazon to look at the item you’re selling and ends up purchasing another product, you get a commission. The Amazon affiliate commissions are low, though there are people that sell in volume and make a good income.

There are other affiliate programs that provide more generous commissions. CJ Affiliate, previously called Commission Junction, is one of the more well-liked affiliate sites on which to find items to sell.

In order to make money, you have to push traffic to your website and the affiliate products. There are many ways to do this. One strategy is to write truthful reviews or discuss specific products. 

When selling affiliate products, the key rule is to endorse only those items you believe in. If you sell crap, your reputation will suffer.

How to Make Money Online – Seniors and Retirees (Part II)

There are many opportunities for generating income for seniors and retirees online. 

Sell Your Skills Via Online

Pondering how to make money online? The web has your back. 

Freelancer and Fiverr are incredible portals for the solopreneur. To begin, look at the sites to see what customers want. For instance, check out Fiverr, where payments begin at $5 but quickly goes up, depending upon the services. On Fiverr you can sell your talents in these categories:

  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Business
  • Graphics and design
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and translation
  • Fun and lifestyle

The most vital tip for working in an online marketplace is to get some 5-star reviews. When beginning, you may want to keep rates low until the reviews start coming in and then raise rates when you have the negotiating power of higher reviews.

Make Your Own Store

There are many ways to sell online with a store and the sales platforms for your online store are now set up. If you want to search for bargains on Craigslist, local garage sales or have an attic filled with collectibles you can advertise these treasures for a nice profit. Selling on Craigslist is as simple as posting a few pics and waiting for the buyers to email or call. Some smart folks take the free items from Craigslist, repair them and then resell.  

Offerup, the new local sales app has it all from cars to cosmetics for sale on their platform. The pics on the home page jump out and entice customers to buy. 

Fulfillment by Amazon has anything you need for your online store such as packing, picking, and shipping the orders. All that is required from you is to sell.

If you’re collecting payments, there are a few online payment platforms ready to assist like Paypal or Paysafe.