Bad Habits That Are Making You Non-Productive

Talking with food in your mouth. Popping gum. Eating with your elbows on the table. This the kind of stuff we typically think about when we say bad habits.

But what about the bad habits that are damaging your work performance?

There’s a lot of things numerous people are guilty of doing every day that ends up truly hindering our productivity. And the more conscious you are of how these things are disturbing your productivity, the more active you can be at taking accountability for your choices.

Morning rush

We’ve all had those mornings where you’re rushing your morning routine and just have time to brush your teeth before running out the door to make it to the job on time. It’s when the morning rush becomes a habit that there can be bad consequences to your sense of well-being and your overall productivity.

No breakfast

I’ve never been able to skip breakfast, but I know plenty of folks who do. Regardless if you put the blame on not having enough time in the morning or just not being hungry, having a well-rounded breakfast just isn’t a big deal for a lot of people.

But it should be. Why? Because, theoretically, when you’re sleeping, you’re fasting. This means you wake up with low blood sugar. That low blood sugar is precisely why we feel apathetic, irritable, and tired first thing in the morning. It’s not you. It’s your inherent need for the fuel that, keeps you up and running.

The easy stuff first

It can be very enticing to get all the easy jobs out of the way first before handling the tough stuff. This is very true. You put it further and further down your to-do list. That’s until you’ve left it alone for weeks.

But going at the most difficult tasks first thing in the am is really better for your productivity. Studies have shown that willpower is a resource that progressively decreases all through the day. Therefore, your mind is much better at doing the difficult tasks at the start of the day when you’re more focused.