Companies That Will Pay You for Website Testing

As a website tester, you are to ensure websites are very simple to navigate. This is a huge struggle for many website owners, making sure their visitors can find the info they are looking for.

When developing a blog, it’s really great to have a new perspective of your website from a new visitor. Read below to find out how website testing is one of the simplest ways to earn money without getting off the sofa.

A Website Tester is a person who provides their opinion about an arbitrary website. Some companies may want you to install software, which will let your activity be recorded. You may be asked to speak about the design of the site, ease to use, and quality.

For equipment, the following are required:

High Speed Internet

Updated Laptop or PC

Webcam. If you don’t have one there are many inexpensive ones that can be found on Amazon.

You should also capable of speaking basic English and have solid writing skills since some companies may ask you to write a little report after each finished test.

If you’re up for making some fast money online, you should think about taking online surveys. They will pay you for sharing your feedback. Some like InboxDollars gives you money for signing-up.

UserTesting – This company hires website testers nationwide. You are offered cash for every 10-15-minute test you finish. No webcam is required.

Whatusersdo – Pay is cash thru Paypal. A test takes about 15-20 minutes to finish. You must have a PC or Mac , microphone, and internet.

UserTest – Pay is per test study. It’s totally free to join and takes only a few minutes to be a qualified tester.

Enroll – Earn cash rewards to test websites before they are published.