Finding the Correct Marketing Mix

From display ads to SEO and search ads, content, and your social efforts, there’s plenty to think about when developing the correct marketing plan. Here’s some advice on why and how you should be reviewing your funnel to make sure you have an effective, balanced marketing mix.

You need a plan!

This article will examine SEO and search ads versus social media and content, those traffic channels that you put your hard-earning money in, either organic or paid, that can move traffic to the top or more in the conversion process.

But this is actually a difficult equation, and the marketing plan overall is something that plenty of folks struggle with and that I find plenty of misplaced dollars and misplaced energy. So the way to resolve for is we can begin with a pretty easy examination process. We can ask ourselves kind of strategically, “Where are we facing challenges?”

We see lots of businesses, from small startups and businesses on the web to huge companies having this concern where they say, “I have an issue with the comparison and consideration phase. I feel really great that folks are aware of my brand, and they come for that 1st visit. They return for another visit. But then they get to the consideration phase and I feel like I’m losing out against my peers right there before conversion occurs.

Guess what? If you’re putting all your marketing money into display or into offline usages of display marketing, which go to awareness, and not enough in the consideration and comparison part, where things like search can be good, specifically your brand vs. competitors, or your competitor vs. your features, what to buy, your brand, or reviews, or recommendations.

All those sorts of things, buying those key terms, ranking for that stuff, having content that serves them and maybe doing some display advertising to folks who’ve already seen your website. But the issue is you’re spending all your energy and time and money up in awareness.