Getting Your Business At the Top of Search Engine Results (Yes, Google!)

Do you ever click through to the 2nd page of Google’s search engine results?

No. Who does?

In fact, under 3% of searchers go to the second page. 

Reasonably then, most business owners are interested in getting their business on the 1st page of Google. There are numerous ways to get your company listed at the top of the results of major search engines like Google. Here is a tried-and-true way of making it real.

There are various areas of the search results you can rank number one for. Organic listings at the bottom, local listings in the middle, and PPC ads at the top.

That signifies you have three separate chances to rank your content on page one. This strategy and philosophy to getting that spot on the first page and outranking your competitors begins by breaking it down into resolving three key questions, each one marked targeted at a different part of the search results page.

How do you use search engine optimization (SEO) to get housed on page one?

How can local search engine optimization (LSEO) help get more listings on page one?

How do you get your pay per click (PPC) ads on Google on page one?

There are over 150 actual ranking signals. Here’s what you need to focus on if you want to get your business on page one, at the top, of Google’s search results.

  • Social signals
  • Webpage content quality
  • Webpage content length
  • Page speed
  • Schema markup

While you might think there would be a contest between the PPC teams and content marketing team of any digital marketing agency, the truth is there isn’t one. Most simply work side-by-side. You should really invest in both.

Another truth: pay-per-click ads have continuously been an affordable way to get more sales and leads from the internet.