How to Get Sponsored as a Vlogger (Part II)

Knowing your audience is important.

Know Who Your Audience is

While it’s completely okay for vloggers to begin looking for someone to sponsor their videos immediately, this is not the top way to get a sponsor and can result in being very frustrating when you keep getting turned away by big companies. 

The top thing that you can do is use some time finding out about the folks who are watching your videos. It is likely that you will attract viewers from every walk of life, as well as from around the globe. Though, it is way more likely that you will have a specific demographic of folks who are interested in your videos and are viewing them on a frequent basis.

By being attentive to the demographics of your viewers, you will be way better to look for a possible sponsor. There are a couple of things that you have to consider when you are reviewing the demographics of your viewers and the folks who have subscribed to your YouTube channel. You have to consider their age, sex, and interests. Typically speaking, sponsors are wanting to partner with a vlogger who will be capable of presenting their product to their preferred demographic.

While this doesn’t mean that you won’t be an excellent fit for a vast range of products, it does mean that by knowing what your viewers are appealed to, you will be able to seek out sponsors who are interested in marketing to and selling to a similar group of people. It’s vital to note that the better a fit that a possible sponsor is with your viewers, the better your opportunity of getting their sponsorship and also keeping it in the future.

A good example of audience demographics and how it can sometimes seem off is LinusTechTips. No one is surprised if he is sponsored by a manufacturer of keyboards, as he is a tech channel. Though, he also has a clothing business and a coffee bean business. So even if there aren’t a lot of products for your interest, the demographic might still be solid for other companies.