How to Get Sponsored as a Vlogger (Part III)

As anxious as you might feel, reaching out to companies land you where you want to be. 

Reaching Out to Companies

The most vital part of getting a sponsor is reaching out to companies that you desire to work with and inquire about whether or not they are willing to sponsor you now or in the future. This is nerve-wracking and is where a great many vloggers make huge, huge mistakes.

Remember, you have to take your time during this step. If you are fretting about the wording in your emails, have another individual proofread them for you so you can be sure of their content and clarity.

Never send an email asking a business to sponsor you. This is a sure way to get ignored and most business just won’t open or read these emails. If you do this, you are wasting time, yours and the companies. Instead of sending an email, you must take the time to write a real proposal about a possible sponsorship.

Your Proposal

In your proposal, you have to make sure that you discuss why the business should sponsor you, what profits they will enjoy, and how you will aid them in making more money. Always remember and it is really important not to forget that you are going to them for help. So, your proposal has to be about what you can do for them and their bottom line, not how they should and can help you.

Be sure that you never ask or request a company gives you a free product so that you can review it. This comes across as you are desiring a free product from them and then doing them a little favor. 

You need to be transparent in your proposal that you will be working for them, not the other way around. Also, be really transparent about the advantages that they’ll enjoy if the company sponsors you.