How to Make Money Online – Seniors and Retirees (Part III)

Setting up a website is a great start for generating income online. 

Create a Website to Get Your Business Going

Once you create a website, there are many ways to make money. In reality, all online entrepreneurs must have a website to promote and grow their brand. Regardless if you have a blog within a website, an online virtual store, or just a website with a portfolio of your work, in order to make money online, you must have a website. 

Your personal website can be the basis for your online selling business. Luckily, it’s affordable and simple to set up your own website. 

Or you can go online and hire an individual to set up a website for you. It doesn’t matter how you proceed, look around and save the online addresses of sites that you enjoy. That way you’ll have a vision for your own site. 

Sell Affiliate Products on Your Own Website

You can partake in affiliate programs where you sell other people’s products and retain a percentage of the sales price.

Here are some programs for selling affiliate products on your website:

Amazon Associates 

You can sell what you want from Amazon with your own affiliate sign uplink. Even if someone visits Amazon to look at the item you’re selling and ends up purchasing another product, you get a commission. The Amazon affiliate commissions are low, though there are people that sell in volume and make a good income.

There are other affiliate programs that provide more generous commissions. CJ Affiliate, previously called Commission Junction, is one of the more well-liked affiliate sites on which to find items to sell.

In order to make money, you have to push traffic to your website and the affiliate products. There are many ways to do this. One strategy is to write truthful reviews or discuss specific products. 

When selling affiliate products, the key rule is to endorse only those items you believe in. If you sell crap, your reputation will suffer.