How to Make Your Blog Content Appeal to Your Readers

If you‘re working to optimize your online business ranking, you’ll need to know about SEO. You’ve created a blog and put in the keywords to bring customers to your website; But what if the content that ranks your website is not keeping your customers interested? How do you make your ranking SEO content believable? 

Turning Readers into Customers

You work hard running your business, but what if people don’t know about it? You also work equally hard to rank your website so more people can find your product. You start a blog on your site to bring it into the world of SEO, but how do you also make the content helpful to your readers?

Give Readers a Shortcut

If someone uses a search engine to find a recipe, they just want the recipe. They don’t need to know that it took three tries to get it right. Or, that it was your grandma’s recipe that she created during World War II. They just want to know what ingredients they’ll need and how long to cook it.

However, you’re going to need the story of your grandma to help you rank high enough. Without that ranking, your reader won’t find your recipe, to begin with, so how do you do that? By adding a linked shortcut. 

The story of Grandma Ellen is a great one, and people will find it interesting. However, they don’t want to scroll through a thousand words to get to her recipe. Often, if a website doesn’t deliver what it promises in the description, the customer quickly leaves. Sometimes, it’s easier for them to just find another recipe without the story. 

Leave the story in there, but add a link to the actual recipe. Your reader knows it’s only one click away, making the story itself enjoyable if they choose to read it. By keeping the content, you’ll rank higher, and bring your product to the rest of the world. Using a link to the recipe helps your readers find what they’re looking for.

Make the Writing Useful

Make sure the title of your blog article is tied to the actual topic. To do otherwise is misleading and makes your reader search for their information elsewhere. Your product is an amazing thing, and you deserve to share it with the world, but ranking doesn’t mean much if customers are confused when they get to your site. 

Create Helpful Links

People are reading your blog article because it’s caught their attention. If they click on a link, they’re interested, so make sure it’s worth clicking on. For example, if someone is looking for bail bonds information, give them a link to what they need. 


Make sure you also link back to your website. Readers may have clicked on your article link from the search engine results. If your article has what they need, a link will bring them to your homepage. There, they can access whatever they need from your website.