Making Money Online with Surveys (Part II)

These websites can help you earn some extra cash.

Opinion Outpost

One of the lowest payouts. 

Who are they? Opinion Outpost has grown in popularity because of fun surveys and fast payouts.

Panel Opinion

Low payout.

Who are they? Panel Opinion is one of the most well-known survey sites.

Pinecone Research

Per the survey, invite-only.

Who are they? Pinecone is a restricted survey and product testing business, presently invite-only.


Earn money per survey.

Who are they? This is a little different from others, concentrating more on general interest topics and social issues. YouGov polls include topics like public affairs, politics, and commercial products. Great if you have a lot of opinions.


Earn money just for signing up!

Who are they? PanelBase isn’t your typical survey site. They don’t inundate you with surveys, but the ones they do send are really well paid and pertinent to you.


Good referral scheme.

Who are they? They offer surveys on behalf of leading brands.

Prolific Academic

Good money if you give top-quality answers.

Who are they? They offer data for researchers and academics at numerous companies and top universities.

Survey Bods

Paid for signing up and profile completion.

Who are they? SurveyBods partner with big companies that want your opinion.

The OpinionPanel Community

Members get paid for signing up.

Who are they? They are England’s biggest research panel for people aged 13-30. They have interesting surveys and online focus groups for major brands and universities, with their research usually getting media spotlight.

Valued Opinions

Paid by voucher per hour.

Who are they? Valued Opinions are part of a bigger market research group. They give online surveys to members whose profiles match broad requirements and demographics.


Thought-provoking surveys on consumer products.

Who are they? MindMover let you share your opinions on everything from public transport to food