Money Making Apps

Many of the money-making apps are very easy to use and can fit right into your daily life without much effort. So why not make a little extra paper while running errands or commuting home?

The Money-Making Apps:


Uber is one of the most famous mega companies in the money-making app industry. This rideshare app lets workers use their own vehicle to pick up Uber app users on a per ride basis. Drivers are able to use the app when it is convenient and quickly find users who need a ride in their area.

Uber Eats

Uber recently rolled out UberEats which lets drivers pick up food deliveries in addition to driving users across town. Drivers can now fill in with deliveries when rides are slow and can get a tip in the process.


Lyft is the other mega app in the rideshare sector. While their service area is a tad more limited than Uber, they provide a similar service and money-making opportunity to the app users. The payout for drivers via Lyft is a bit more so this may be a better way for drivers in bigger cities. Many drivers work for both companies in order to increase their time and get in as many rides as they can while available to work.


DogVacay is an app that lets you open your home to hosting local dogs while their family is away on vacation. Dogs get to be a guest with a host family and live in the comforts of a home.


TaskRabbit is another famous and flexible money-making app. With TaskRabbit you can use your many skills to make money on the side using the TaskRabbit app and website. You can do jobs in person or you can do them remotely with virtual tasks. There are many various jobs like building Ikea furniture, fixing sprinkler systems, or performing web research.


GrubHub lets you have your food picked up and delivered to your doorstep. Many stores and eateries are now working with the GrubHub app, letting users have plenty of eating choices in their area.