Sell Your Belongings Online with These Apps (Part I)

What do you plan to do with all the unnecessary things you find during spring cleaning?

If you’ve concluded your spring cleaning with a room full of not-needed items that are too good to toss away, a garage sale may be on your list of things you should be doing. 

But hey it’s summer. You have way better ways to spend your time than sitting outside all day with cardboard signs going back and forth over a couple of coins for your old stuff. Here’s how to have a virtual garage sale via simple smartphone apps.


VarageSale makes the way of getting your things in front of neighborhood buyers very easy. You use the free app, or the VarageSale website, to produce a shortlisting for everything you’re trying to get rid of. A short description, quick photo, and your asking price are all that is required. You can be on a real listing spree in just a couple of minutes. 

It’s great for listing a lot of items one after another, so if you have a big garage stacked with goodies to unload, this is your top choice. What’s really amazing about VarageSale is you (and everyone else) can log in with Facebook, meaning everyone has a real name and a face to go along with it, so no weirdos will flood your inbox.

OfferUp, Shpock

If you’re really pressed for time and just need to get rid of a couple of things, there are apps for that as well. OfferUp posts listings quickly (around 30 seconds). It as an image-heavy browsing style that allows your vibrant-looking photos to do the selling for you, as well as private messaging and reputation ratings to weed out spammers and scammers.

Shpock (iOS/Android) works in a precise way but advertises itself as being for “beautiful” items. Therefore, if you’re selling something that you think deserves some real special consideration, such as some costly electronics or a stylish antique bike, it’s a good bet a visitor on Shpock will be interested.