Tips to Creating a Successful Online Store (Part IV)

Consumer reviews are one of the best tools to fuel your future sales.

Build Buyer Trust with Product Reviews

Reviews and ratings of your products increase your trustworthiness greatly. Online shoppers can’t meet sellers in-person, so they depend on other buyers’ feedback to gauge merchants. Ratings on product pages save consumers’ time by swiftly showing what other customers think about the item.

Product reviews are more persuasive when they’re plentiful. To inspire more feedback, don’t be shy about asking your customers to write a review after buying a product. Customers who are happy with your product usually won’t leave a review since everything is okay. Give them a slight push, and they’ll most likely be happy to share their good experiences with others.

Make Your Site SEO-Friendly

Your online store has to get traffic in order for products to be bought. The trick to generating traffic? Search engine optimization. By using SEO keywords in your descriptions and product titles, your site will probably rank high in search engine results. The improved visibility is the chief ingredient for increased site visits and more conversions.

Tips for an SEO-friendly Site:

Use SEO tools to seek out keywords that have low enough keyword difficulty and high-enough monthly search volumes for your site to rank.

Type in SEO keywords you’re thinking about adding to your product pages to discover what results you’ll be competing with. If the results are big sites, consider changing your term to something less viable.

Be Sure Your Store is Mobile-Responsive

Mobile shopping made up for over 35% of online purchases last year. This figure is only rising. Research predicts that by 2020 mobile shopping will be held accountable for more than 55% of all eCommerce shopping.

With the growing use of cell phones for online shopping, merchants have to be sure that their site design is mobile-friendly to be sure buyers can do purchases, regardless of what device they’re using. Also, merchants can use online store design templates that are pre-set to be mobile-responsive to make their site device-friendly.