Tips to Creating a Successful Online Store (Part V)

Track your analytics.

Track Analytics and Iterate

Online store owners can’t enhance their growth strategies without checking their progress. The top way to track your selling activity and customers’ behavior is to use a tool such as Google Analytics. This program offers sellers clear metrics about their stores, such as the percentage of product sales, the number of site page visits, and the number of abandoned shopping carts. You can simply set up Analytics for your online store by following these guidelines.

Continue to track your selling metrics with Analytics so that you can have long-term insights on how to entice customers more effectively and inspire more purchases. Merchants who want help setting up Analytics or are not sure about how to do data-based insights should look at this guide. 

Here are a few tips for tracking and iterating with Google Analytics:

When you have Analytics with your store, enable the “enhanced eCommerce tracking” feature for a huge range of insights on your seller activity.

Offer Free Shipping

Because of Amazon Prime, free shipping is now a requirement of online shoppers. The added cost of standard shipping can truly dissuade customers today from doing a purchase at checkout. Sellers who can afford to provide free shipping should offer the service if they aren’t already to inspire purchases.

While the upfront cost of offering free shipping might hurt at first, many online businesses get a good return with increased purchases after providing it. To make sure customers see your generous policy, show boldly on your online store that you have free shipping.

Create our Outreach List

Increasing your business entails more than your customers. You need to reach out to people in your industry that can aid you in reaching more buyers within your target audience. Networking with the correct groups lets merchants create product buzz and extend their reach to connect with numerous customers. Sellers might want to reach out to:

Traditional reporters

Industry bloggers

Social media influencers 

Similar entrepreneurs 

These four groups can rapidly spread the word around your product, so it’s good to reach out to the network and explain why you may be valuable to work with.