Where To Submit Articles For Making Money Online

Where To Submit Articles For Generating income Online

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We all understand, the traffic is the everything for online company. No traffic, no cash. So your sole work is to drive traffic to your site.

Sending posts is the tested approach to drive targeted traffic to your site and generate income online. The advantages of submitting articles will be talked about in another article. Here we just talk about where to send posts and ways to discover them for making more cash online.

You may know, there are a great deal of complimentary directories where you can submit your articles. But we have to enhance out effect to spend less time and get more outcome. Here are some ways to decide which directory deserves to submitting your short articles.

First, you can search Google, Yahoo and MSN to discover them. You just utilize “free posts” or something like that to search on those primary search engines. You will get sites like  articlecity.com, isnare.com, ezinearticles.com, articlesfactory.com, ideamarketers.com, goarticles.com on Google search. Yahoo has articletrader.com and articleworld.net . You will also get articletrader.com and freearticles.biz on MSN. You can find the outcomes are not exact same. For reaching visitors as lots of as possible, you may have to submit your posts to those different sites.

Second, you can use Google Page Rank to examine them. You understand, the higher the  rank is, the more popular the website is. We will get page rank of above sites: articlecity.com 6, isnare.com 5, ezinearticles.com 7, articlesfactory.com 5, ideamarketers.com 5, goarticles.com 6, article world.net 5, articletrader.com 3 and freearticles.biz 4. The larger the number , the much better the site .

Third, you can utilize Alexa traffic ranking to examine them. Alexa is the third party to show website traffic. We will get traffic ranking of above sites: articlecity.com 5,203, isnare.com 5,982, ezinearticles.com 616, articlesfactory.com 15,957, ideamarketers.com 6,896, goarticles.com 2,031, article world.net, 39,300, articletrader.com 17,643 and free articles.biz 2,340,750. The  smaller the number is, the better the site is.

Integrating those three aspects to think about where to submit your short articles, we might get the very first 3 sites as this: the 1st  is ezinearticles.com, the 2nd is goarticles.com and the 3rd is articlecity.com. Really, these three websites are the favorites for the majority of authors to submit their posts.

Addition one element you may think is the whole variety of posts and authors of the site. It is a factor to inspect how popularity the directory site is. You can imagine, how the search engine like the fresh material, the more articles the site has, the more exposure the website on online search engine. The outcome is the more exposure of your short articles. And you have to confess that virtually every author is the visitor himself too. The more authors the site has, the more traffic the site has.

If you use  software to send your articles, it will save you lots of time. And if you have lots of time, you can submit your articles to as many as directories you can find.
But it is not my intriguing to concentrate on those topics.